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The purpose of this communication is to clarify the administration of Curb Buster course #104 and the confusion of the information provided in your packet from the Department of Public Safety.

The most frequent two questions we have to answer on a daily basis which confuse parents as they look at a listing of the 10 approved courses are:

1) Do we have to order all 10 courses? Answer: No 
2) Is your course concurrent or block? Answer: Both

Curriculums are not approved as concurrent or block. The block or concurrent references pertain to the teaching method/preference of the parent teacher.

However, we strongly discourage the block method for obvious reasons:
Poor retention of information. Completion of the 32 hours of classroom theory takes most students 30-45 days. 
After completing the first 6 hours of Texas traffic laws they are then eligible to obtain their Texas learners permit. 
Most young drivers cannot remember what the previous day's lesson consisted of let alone recalling what they "learned" a month and half ago. 
Young drivers require immediate gratification and the block program is for the convenience of public school programs and parents but does not serve the young drivers needs.

Ideally, the young driver should complete two lessons (4 hours) and then receive a driving lesson, reviewing the previously learned information. 
The concurrent method provides a quality learning environment, the block method doesn't. 

Lack of Motivation: 
It is extremely more difficult to keep young drivers motivated during the block instruction because what they want to do more than anything, is to drive. 
The eagerness to drive is the carrot that motivates the student to perform well with the classroom lessons, maintaining a positive attitude, and meet expectations during the in-car training. The block method does none of these. 

Within 3-4 days of registration, you will receive the Curb Buster training package with multimedia offerings and the certificate of completion (DE 964) which is to be submitted to your local drivers  license office to obtain the Texas Learners Permit.

The only items you must print are the classroom log, (Not required for online students) and the Curb Buster classroom and in-car training logs.

Do Not use the DPS classroom log provided in your application packet. 

All lessons, quizzes, and test may be viewed from the computer screen and answered on paper off to the side. This prevents you from having to print out 200-300 pages of information.

If at any time you require clarification in order to facilitate the teaching process, please do not hesitate to call or, better yet, email us at your convenience.

To apply for a Parent Taught Driver's Education Packet, a parent must complete the DL-92 Request Form (available at your nearest Drivers License Office) and submit it along with a $20.00 non-refundable check or money order and return it to:

The Department of Drivers License Issuance Bureau

P.O. Box 149246 

Austin, Texas 78714

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Parents, after selecting the above Curb Buster training package, please provide the following information for whom the training will be administered. This information is required in order to put the student's name on the certificate of completion
*Failure to provide this information will result in a delay of receiving your order.
Submit a personal or cashier’s check payable to The Clary Foundation to the address on the website for $25 to cover certificate and administrative costs. 

Refunds will not be honored under the following conditions:
Refund request received 10 days from date of purchase or; The state issued, driver education certificate is UN-returnable as it was submitted to your local driver’s license office.

To receive a partial refund the following conditions apply:
Requires the return of the Curb Buster DVD training package including the (unused) state issued, driver education certificate.
Within 30 days, a refund minus $41.25 from the course cost for administrative, certificate and pay pal or banking services apply.