The Harry H. Clary Memorial Foundation
is designed to save lives of young drivers by changing their attitudes and behaviors through training, education and parental participation.
​#1 Is your course a "block" or "concurrent"?
Both. Driver education courses nor curriculums are not approved as block or
concurrent. Block or concurrent is determined by the preference of the school or in this instance, the parent. However, we
strongly discourage the block method as it is an inferior approach with teaching your young driver, the skills to drive and survive.

#2. Who can teach parent taught driver education classroom and in-car training of my young driver? 
The parent of record as designated by the Texas Department of Public Safety must provide the 32 hours of classroom training and the first 14 hours of the
in-car training. (7 hours driving and 7 hours observing the parent) these hours are regulated by the Texas Education Agency. The
remaining 20 hours of in-car training (regulated by the Department of Public Safety) may be taught by an individual with the
following conditions: 
1. minimum 21 years of age 
2. Texas licensed driver 
3. Sitting in front passenger seat However, the parent of
record must monitor the portion of training which they do not actively perform. 

#3. Can I pay for the course over the phone? 
Yes, for the online only. If purchasing the CD ROM version, you may pay via the two following methods. 
1. Online at our website which
links to Pay Pal. this protects your sensitive information as it eliminates the Clary Foundation and our employees as a third party.
2. Via mail with personal check or money order 

#4. What if I find the course isn't for me? 
No refunds after 10 days from purchase. Within the 10 day purchase period, a refund will be issued minus the pay pal fees and a Clary Foundation administrative fee of $25.00
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