The Harry H. Clary Memorial Foundation
is designed to save lives of young drivers by changing their attitudes and behaviors through training, education and parental participation.
Founder of the Harry H.Clary Memorial Foundation, Charles "Chick" Laws has accumulated over 40 years of traffic safety experience in public school driver education programs, owner of a commercial driving school, and Assistant Director of Transportation for Hays CISD in Kyle, TX. 

Two significant events helped form the Clary Foundation, a 504 (a)(2) non-profit charity. My mentor, Harry H. Clary, whom I graduated with in 1975 and later worked professionally with for the National Safety Council, passed away suddenly in 2001. To honor and remember him, I founded the Harry H. Clary Memorial Foundation. 

Then, in 2005,our 23 year old daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Laws, when as a passenger in her best friends car, lost her life in an aggressive driving and road rage collision. 

Thus, the emphasis for awarding scholarships for good driving behavior and attitudes in our attempt to avoid having parents experience the pain and heartache which affects our family every day.

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